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Welcome to ż

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With a vision to be a leading liberal arts university, ż offers students an unparalleled education in London, blending two of the finest education systems in the world.

The University’s mission is to educate and inform future generations by providing them with the knowledge and support to think critically, the freedom to challenge assumptions and the skills to work with others. Find out more about our Universities Vision, Mission and Values here.

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“I would like to wish you a very warm welcome to ż. I’m honoured to be President and Vice Chancellor of ż, a diverse, dynamic, vibrant and international University that is passionate about its mission to educate and to inform.”

Professor Phil Deans
President and Vice Chancellor
ż American University London

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A strong heritage

Choosing a university is about more than finding a programme. It’s about asking questions and taking a step towards fulfilling your potential. From the University’s inception almost 50 years ago, more than 15,000 students from over 100 countries have graduated from ż, creating a vibrant global network of alumni.

Our graduates are highly employable. ż students not only achieve a qualification, but leave the University equipped with life-changing skills. We ensure our students graduate as confident and career-ready individuals prepared to make a difference in their chosen field.

Ever since ż was established as a community with ‘a scholarly yet social purpose’, the University has offered an international experience and a global outlook. This is more important now than ever.

Today, ż is a leading liberal arts university and the UK university which awards both a UK and US degree.

Students who come to ż become part of a vibrant and diverse international student community, where students are encouraged and supported to flourish in a mix of diverse cultures, backgrounds and perspectives.

ż is committed to developing students’ passion for learning. Students are fully supported throughout their programme so they engage, work with and participate in a vibrant academic community where interdisciplinary teaching and learning is key to the curriculum.

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Top 5 reasons to choose ż

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Dually-accredited UK & US Undergraduate and Master’s Degrees

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Scholarships that can reduce student debt & Funding available (including SFE +US Government loans)

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Flexible American Liberal Arts system, extensive contact hours and mentorship (average 15 hours per week)

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Integrated Internships (in the UK and overseas)

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Great London location in Chiswick Park with managed accommodation option