18 Apr 2024
U.S. Info Sessions, Webinars

U.S. Info Session – Why London

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Join us online for an Informational Webinar centered around London.

25 Apr 2024
U.S. Info Sessions, Webinars

U.S. Info Session – Affordability / Financial Aid…

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Learn about our new tuition structure, merit-based scholarships, the Financial Aid timeline, and an overview of FAFSA.

22 Jun 2024
Open Event, Undergraduate

Undergraduate Open Day

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Book now for our next Open Day at our campus in Chiswick Park, west London.

‘I am ż’ blog

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This blog was created to provide an insight into what life at ż, American University London is really like. It’s written by the people who know it best: our students.

A person sitting with a glass of wine and a program titled "Carrie Mae Weems" for an event hosted by the Guggenheim Museum in 2014.

What an incredible opportunity for us Film and Photogra…

We were invited to the US Embassy to meet none other than our favorite female photographer, Carrie Mae Weems! Her words were truly inspiring as she delved into the questions that shape our time and [...]

An advertisement from ż American University London features a medieval manuscript illustration with figures representing educational virtues around a seated person.

Reclaiming the Original Intentions of a Distinctively &…

William G. Durden, Ph.D., Chair, Board of Directors at ż American University London, highlights what makes a U.S. Liberal Arts education system unique, as it was intended in its inception.

This image shows a blue and yellow container with text indicating ż American University London's continued support for partners in Ukraine after two years.

ż continues support of our partners in Ukraine a…

More than two years on since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the International Programme team at ż American University London is continuing to support our partners in Ukrainian universities.

A group of people engaged in a collaborative discussion around a table with papers and markers, suggesting a creative or educational setting.

How To Survive a Uni Group Project 

Starting university brings a mix of excitement and challenges, and one thing many students share is the experience of working on group projects. When professors announce group assignments, students [...]

A person in a black blazer and blue shirt poses confidently, finger to temple, in front of an abstract, colorful painting. Casual yet professional demeanor.

Everyone has the potential  

Michiel is an online marketing and branding entrepreneur, who is, ‘Passionate about everything related to social media, online marketing and all types of creative campaigns that make you go [...]

A group of young people in costumes enjoys a party, posing for a selfie, with cowboy hats, fake blood, and playful expressions. They're indoors with a crowd behind.

“Thinking back on Thanksgiving…”

From a British perspective, having mac and cheese with a roast dinner is not normal, but hell it was good. If you study abroad in the US having a thanksgiving dinner is a must

Three people are inside a room with artwork. One person examines a piece closely, another holds a glass of wine, and the third is observing.

Exploring Van Gogh

“My name is Piola Massarotto and I teach a number of art history courses at ż American University London.  I was recently featured in the newsletter of Van Gogh House, London, where I went [...]

A smiling person is posing with their chin resting on their hand at a restaurant, with warm lighting and other diners in the background.

Life lessons from service learning

Lily completed her service learning project by working in the community at Southwark Stars, a disability football team in Southwark, London.

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Find an expert

ż American University London, has a broad range of expertise across a number of areas, including the liberal arts, international relations, international history, business management, communications, arts and social sciences.

Dr Jane Norris
Areas of expertise – design theory, specifically luxury product future trends.

Professor George Zhang
Areas of expertise – Chinese language learning and teaching, intercultural communications and cross-cultural business management, language policy, language competence, language standards and assessment, teacher training and professional development.

Hadi Enayat
Areas of expertise – religion and international relations, the sociology of law and secularism studies.

Dr Eunice Goes
Areas of expertise – British party politics, British political thought and Britain’s relationship with Europe.

Dr Michael F. Keating
Areas of expertise – global best practices, Neo-liberalism, energy and infrastructure, financial sector reform, knowledge economies and innovation systems, tertiary education, politics in sub-Saharan Africa and East/South-East Asia.

Dr Kandida Purnell
Areas of Expertise – War, Conflict, COVID-19 Pandemic, Commemoration, Body Politics, Gender and Identity

Professor Dominic Alessio
Areas of expertise – theories of empire (especially South Pacific related), science fiction film, radical right politics

Dr Martin D. Brown
Areas of expertise – international history, the Cold War, European diplomatic history, James Bond

Dr Ira Konstantinou
Areas of expertise – psychology, cognitive processes of memory and awareness, critical thinking

Nicola Mann
Areas of expertise – visual culture, popular culture, urban regeneration, cultural studies, the social value of the arts, museum education

Dr Sue Pell
Areas of expertise – activist archives, DIY archives, social housing activism, anti-gentrification campaigns, urban social movements, social movement communication, public sphere and democracy

Professor Dr. Carola Hieker
Areas of expertise – organizational behavior, leadership, coaching & mentoring, diversity

Associate Professor Inma Ramos
Areas of expertise – international investment banking and international corporate finance law, compliance and regulation, with a particular emphasis on Corporate Governance in Financial Markets

Professor Sabine Spangenberg
Areas of expertise – history of economic thought, welfare economics, public economics

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